I translate sense for sense instead of word for word.
Eusebius Sophronius Hieronymus (St. Jerome); 342-419,
Church writer, Patron Saint of translators)

     Our Agency was organized in 1996 by professional translators with advanced higher education training in linguistics.

     Following the first days of its foundation, we elaborated certain principles of business, and we still keep to such fundamentals at present. Intensification serves the major aspect, which makes us press permanently towards perfection in the field we have chosen. For translation quality management purposes, we abandoned the exotics and focused on the major European languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Polish). This resulted in comprehensive and precious professional experience acquired, contributing to better quality translations to/from these foreign languages due to real time monitoring of changes in the linguistic environment.

     One more principle of our business policy serves to most accurate and non-standard handling of documents to be translated. Before start of work, we make the document destination and purpose to be specified. With this reference, our counselors are able to advise the best way of document formalization / certification to comply with the requirements of the competent authority in any jurisdiction worldwide.

     When dealing with technical translations (which are mostly rather voluminous), we try to engage as few translators as possible (one or two) to keep to uniform terminology and style throughout the entire document. Due to native-language specialty materials being studied, consultations with specialists and state-of-the-art modern information technologies being applied, our clients can benefit from our translations, which style and contents are most close to the texts prepared by native specialists.

     We are characterized with accuracy and punctuality, high professionalism and responsibility, time-control and reliability in order performance, attentive and customized approach to our client. Your documents will be comfortable and reliable with our Agency!